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Consulting services made all the difference

"Ribe Jernindustri's consultants were strong sparring partners. If we were not completely happy with some part of the solution, they quickly found an alternative and opened our eyes to ...

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Introduction to RIOpanel

RIOpanel – radiators designed for everyday comfort

RIOpanel's classic radiator design has influenced the decor of many homes in recent decades. Our motto is "Identify – Invent – Inspire". This means that we listen and observe, and design and develop radiators that are suitable for any room and any interior design.
We have combined our many years of experience and focus on high quality with first-class Danish design and modern solutions to provide a broad selection of highly functional radiators – designed for everyday comfort.
A RIOpanel radiator gives you a wide range of advantages.

The benefits to be gained from choosing a RIOpanel radiator include:

A modern, highly functional radiator.
An efficient radiator with high output.
A Danish-made radiator with tried-and-tested design.

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